Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Heat Is On

Good heavens, 91 degrees? in MAY?
Yep, and with the water temperatures in unison, no trout today.
Back to the smallie grind, except no wading this time. We used Scott's low pride Hyde to 'drift the river in style."
Here's what we learned today.

  • I am the UNDISPUTED rock bass bassmasters grand champion
  • Nate likes Maxima, and doesn't like Scott's boat position from the stern
  • Scott likes to row, and doesn't care about what boat position Nate likes
  • Even Smallmouth think its just TO DANG hot right now
We caught enough fish to give us some nice line burns on our fingers, but the average fish was a little smaller than what we were accustomed to catching. We took fish on everything from Murdichs to Poppers, and even some new minnow patterns (tiny) that some of the fish seemed to prefer.
WE REALLY need some precipitation right now. I heard through the grapevine  from a reliable source that a few trout rivers are at their LOWEST recorded marks in HISTORY, of all time. That could spell disaster for some of the streams that have a harvest as all but a few of the largest fish will be "easy pickings" in the deepest holes in the river.

Don't get me wrong, I'm "ECSTATIC" that we have probably had the absolute BEST dry spring for grouse broods in the past 20 years, but everyone involved in water care or preservation is starting to press the panic button, and rightfully so.


  1. There is a fine balance between the desire for spring rain light and heavy for the dual purpose grouse and trout man.
    On the one hand this and on the other that.
    Sometimes I feel schizophrenic.
    Woodland Clearing got onto a decent rainbow yesterday in the very special Newfound River--check it out.

  2. ah yes, the dilema, to rain or not, but i have to believe our chicks are out of the "rain and cold" peril at this point, so we need some rain!

  3. Jack, you are living the life! Bob

  4. Bob,
    Of most Dentists? haha
    its been an exciting year, thats for sure. Lots of fun

  5. Jackson, I don't think the boat in the picture is mine....Scott

  6. trapper, you're correct. my picture didnt turn out so i used a a hyde Low pro pic of the internet. "you know " writers perogative"? to make it look more interesting

  7. While I get the Heat is On analogy...

    ..Ugh.."Hot Stuff" from Donna Summer..??????!!!

    Come on Dude.LOL?


  8. moe, dont diss donna summer, seriously