Friday, May 14, 2010

WOLVES aaaarrrrrggggghhhhhh!

 AS a grouse hunter I have had my own run in with wolves, my little GSP just about died from shaking in fear two years ago when one chased her at me down a logging road. It's time to chalk up another one south of highway 64. This needs to stop. If the HSUS would quit filing silly lawsuits the DNR and other government agencies could control this growing and disturbing problem. Here we have two springer spaniels (NOT BEAR DOGS), and their still getting attacked. I understand the DNR's hands are tied, but if they don't get control of this problem, people will continue to take it into their own hands and all will be lost. On another note, good  to see our own WISCONSIN DNR has partnered with the HSUS yes the ANTI HUNTING, trapping, and fishing organization to start a "don't touch baby animals" campaign. I can't say I'm shocked , but I've already heard rumors of VERY high ups in the Wisconsin government on both party lines that have contacted the DNR and asked what in the h e double hockey sticks they are doing, including a letter directly from Senator Kadezie.


  1. I think the DNR is doing a brilliant job of bringing back this amazing animal. I'm all for the continuation of inoculating the females against disease. We need these magnificant animals around to help curb the populations of deer, raccoons, turkeys and other vermin. They were here before many of our "native" creatures and deserve to roam free and unhindered just the way Mother Nature intended.

    the voice of many

  2. hahahahahahaha,
    can I give you a bowl of granola with soy milk (not to hurt the cows), a glass of hemp tea, and a lifetime membership to peta!

    another citizen who's lost a dog to a wolf in Wisconsin

  3. Ironicly, (not sure thats a word?) I hunted in MT this afternoon on "Wisconsin Creek".

    Not sure that qualifies me to offer and opinion on the subject, but if so...


    ...'Who me, I dint see shit (or did I)..?!'


  4. moe, it's my understanding that idaho and Montana have a season on wolves now, is that correct?

  5. Why don't you come out and thin the "pack" out here in Idaho with me buddy?

    "They were here before many of our "native" creatures and deserve to roam free and unhindered just the way Mother Nature intended."
    - That is the stupidest response I have ever read. So they should be able to roam free right into your backyard? Mother Nature has no "intention".

  6. So you have more right to the land than animals that have lived there for centuries?? Seems odd to me. And yes, if you decide to build a home in an area where large predators reside, you have to be willing to accept that there may be "interactions". Would you wage a war on sharks if you were bitten by one while swimming in the ocean. Think about that. No one side will ever be right in this argument, just don't blind out the other side. Find a happy medium.

  7. I'm glad that such a great canine as the wolves are making a comeback in some of these areas, but I think that it is ridiculous that an individual can't lawfully protect himself, his dog or property.

  8. Mr. Anonymous--mayhaps you should give your little piece of the earth back to the critters. Surely your cohabitation is disturbing them and they were there first. Follow your principle and see where it finds you, or you could be rational and strike a compromise of some sort.

  9. interesting story today out of alaska