Sunday, February 27, 2011

A great day, busting clay

It was almost 30 degrees, so I HAD to get out of the house. My father has become a clay shooting maniac, so I knew it wouldn't be a tough sell by dialing my old house number. It was meant with a "how fast can you be ready", "I'll pick you up at 12:30.
At 12 o'clock guess who's already in my driving, waiting impatiently?
You guessed it!
We first shot a round of sporting clays and I have to admit my father has become quite improved, it was all the way down to the last station , and I only beat him by one bird. WE have always ben so ultra competitive in everything we do, that  I knew it was flying around in both our minds walking into the final shooting box.
Never one to accept defeat, he said 5 stand, I'll buy!
that game is still very new to us, but boy their are some FAR out targets at the new Triple J course.
A great day had by both of us.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

opening day, what its like, tightlines style

It's a slight oldie, but a goodie. Nate and Charlie (my buddies) made a great glimpse as to what our early season opener is like in 2009. I think this video is precious. From the flask on the camper table,  to watching charlie with (non hippie) hair,  it outs a smile on my face. You guys are part of fly fishing for me, thanks for that! Please pause my music on the bottom of the page, their music is a perfect match

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A good old fashioned "chicken shoot"

What's a guy to do?
It's mid February, it's 30 degrees, no wild bird hunting season open,  and my dogs are driving my wife insane. Both dogs have learned the "I have to go to the bathroom", but not really, trick. Just stand by the door and whine so I can chase any living creature around our yard. Let me tell you, nothing from opossum to house finches are safe.
So, I mustered enough gumption to head to our local "pheasant" farm. My friends and I usually scoff at this activity, and would chase wild birds given any other viable option. The fact remained that I had a new gun to shoot (one with double triggers no less), and I better figure out know if I can make it happen with this piece of British ware.
I brought the old dog along, who has made a MIRACULOUS recovery from this fall when he was given approximately 2 months to live, as both my wife and I agree if "it" happens in the field, there couldn't be a better way for him to go.
We put out ten birds, and made quick work of the first 5 sorgum rows of rows, putting 9 birds in the bag. We hadn't even taken a second shot, and I was starting to really pat myself on the back for taking a chance on this gun.
Then it happened, a bird flushed extremely far out and almost out of what I would attempt a shot at, and somehow in the back of my mind I said "pull the back trigger", I did, and the bird fell. I must have simply broken a wing as he was still running to beat the band. With deep snow, and a 75 pound differential, the bird quickly put distance between him and Kwik.
A very diligent search led to nothing, no feathers, no blood, it was pretty weird. I figured we'd just take another trip through that area, when Kwik's head went straight up in the air, like he could smell something, but i could tell he wasn't even sure what to make of it. Another 40 yards later, I saw one speck of blood, then two,  and the old boy mustered up enough pep to look like a nose tackle running down a wide receiver.
The race was on, and he wouldn't be denied.

When he finally caught up to the bird, he gave him an extra head shake, pinned him down, picked him up, and did the slow trot , all the way back to me.
My friend Joe asked "does he always strut like that after a bird?"
I said "Just today"

Friday, February 11, 2011

21 days away, till the trout and I start to play!

It's so close, I can feel it. It didn't hurt that we had the Super bowl champion packers keeping our attention until Monday of this week. I have to say that last Winter seemed to last MUCH longer. I've already starting getting my "winter gear" ready for the March 5th early trout opener in Wisconsin. I've got plenty of grey leeches tied, to slowly (almost painfully) creep across the bottom in hopes some freezing Brown trout to accept my offering.
I strictly nymph in the early season because I despise midge fishing even when its warm, and  have my casting stroke to as honed as it can be. So, the 5x fluorocarbon leaders, the tungsten flies, and the "strike indicators" (bobbers),along with fleece lined gloves that probably wont be taken off until April. None the less, its getting close, and I can't wait.
21 days
21 days.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

not hunting or fishing related , but just pure awesome!

This cop takes down an UFC fighter in the audience!
PROVING sometimes people are just stupid, and not just "tough" cause you wear an AFFLICTION" t shirt!