Sunday, July 8, 2012

A post from late spring

I know, I KNOW, its been FOREVER since I've posted. I hear about, I understand, but sometimes, work, family, health, and just about everything else gets in the way. My buddy Ryan from Boise flew out to experience the DRIFTLESS this late Spring. While the size of fish compared to out west is considerably smaller, the fish in density are not. Its simply the best trout fishing east of the rocky mountains.
We enjoyed  some decent streamer fishing for Brookies, some fantastic nymph fishing for browns, and even a few fish to take some black caddis and olive imitations.

Its been a very busy summer without hardly time to train Duke, and for surely fish, as a matter of fact this late April trip I'm describing was actually the last time I've fished, as sorry as that sounds. One things for sure, I have some vacation time coming up for this Fall, and I plan on using it.
I'll try to take some pictures or video of Duke training coming up soon. he's a fun little bugger. No graceful water entry for this OAF!