Monday, April 18, 2011

The new "Grouse Wagon"

I've ALWAYS wanted a Jeep, from the age of 16. That dream finally came true this last week. After being ridiculously tough of a plethora of larger Suv's, Pickups, Tahoe's, etc etc, I've decided to give the logging roads and back trails a run for their money. I can still keep my other cars pretty and use this for what its really intended for.
Its a 1999 Sahara with that was garage kept in the panhandle of Florida with only 46,000 miles on it. It really does look mint, and the owner averaged about 3000 miles a year in cruising with the top off. I have a few alterations I'd like to make, maybe a bit bigger tires, a bar across the front. This of course would aid in pushing "downed trees" out of the road (as I put a huge dent in my Tahoe last year doing the same thing).
I don't like snowmobiles, motorcycles, or  powerboats, so I guess this is my midlife crisis buy. I'm OK with that. The funny about Jeeps, is their like LEGOS for adults, their easy to build and have fun with!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rest in Peace Buddy


Kwik passed away very quietly at out home last night. The past few days I had noticed he wasn't quite himself, in his normal tendencies and demeanor. That's when I got the call from Kelly that I should come home from work and look at him, I just knew.
It was first time in 10 years that he could barely make it to door to greet me. I told Kelly we better bring him in right now, and not wait till five. I knew when we got the blood work back that it wasn't good, but the chest x-ray showed what we had been assuming since early last year. He did have a liver tumor and and it had gotten pretty massive. That tumor  coupled with internal bleeding, I knew this was going to be the last time I could throw my face into his black mane, and give him the giant bear hug I always did.
He had an AWESOME life, traveling throughout the United States to hunt upland and waterfowl, and being amply skilled at both.  His drive and scenting ability were only matched his  kind personality and (Way to smart for his own good) tricks.
He helped my wife get through infertility, always laying next to her knowing she had a heavy heart. he was there for me through my fathers heart attack, my appendix rupturing, and countless other ailments as he was part of our rehab back to health.
There are SO many funny stories and memories had by so many people, that it was only fitting I threw out a text to family and friends that the vet was coming over at 6:30 to euthanize . The next hour and half our doorway was filled with double digits of people coming to pay their respects to him. That really had an affect on me.  It was amamzing to me that he hada such a profound affect on that many people that they wanted to say goodbye in his last hours. I'm not sure if that made me feel better or worse, but by the wags of his tail, I knew how he felt about it.
He died in my arms, with me whispering "wait for me buddy", and I really meant it. I have no doubt that final command will be followed just like countless others he obeyed without a second thought.
Most professional trainers and pet owners always talk about "that one dog" , that they had that was smarter, more skilled, more affectionate, animated or other qualities that made them one of a kind. I was lucky enough to get that dog with all of those things with my first dog, and for that I am forever grateful.
Thanks Kwik, you changed my life. So raise a prayer, a glass, or a memory of my buddy. Both he and I would appreciate it. When I recieve his ashes, they will be spread along the trail where he retreieved his last grouse this past season.  So when he crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday, I was sad at my own personal loss, but it was his time. He made the absolute most out of his last year, and gave me eternal memories of what freindship and love truly consist of.
Rest in peace buddy, I'll see ya soon.

Monday, April 11, 2011

What a generous Dad

I jokingly said "WIN ME SOMETHING" to my father has he and a bunch of his self proclaimed "old timers" went up to the Ruffed grouse society dinner in Laona/Crandon this past weekend. I think he felt bad that he was enjoying this great time with all his buddies in an alcohol infused celebration, while the guy who owns the dogs, does all the scouting, and most of the walking was at home mending up and trying to get fluid out of lungs.
He got back on Sunday and said, 'you won something". To my surprise, it was an absolutely gorgeous bronze statue of two Brown Trout rising to a mayfly of some type. Its one of the prettiest pieces I certainly have seen. It looks absolutely fantastic on my desk at work.
I commented to my dad that it's perfect replication of my fishing. Theres ONE branch sticking out of the water on an otherwise perfect drift, and RIGHT before the trout is in mid rise, I'm about to give it a slight mend to try and keep it out of the branch.
An extremely nice gesture, as I found out after that it wasn't a raffle item, but rather a silent auction that he knew I would love.What a great Dad, I certainly feel blessed to have him as mine.

I certainly am starting to feel better, and thank all of you that have been so generous in contacting me with get well wishes, maybe, I'm "WISHFUL THINKING", but i have optimism a trout will be on the end of my line this weekend.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


PNEUMONIA? Are you kidding me? I'm entering the PRIME black caddis season is less than a week (if we ever lose this eternal Wisconsin Winter), and exactly 20 days till my Bahamas vacation/ bonefish excursion, and i spend 8 hours in our local Emergency room, being poked and prodded for everything from a bad gallbladder to heaven knows what.
The "BRIGHT SIDE", is that I'm not on an OR table having my gall bladder removed and for SURELY have to cancel the trip I've been local forward to for the last 6 months!
Some ridiculous strong antibiotics, and a little hacking, and I'll be right as rain! I NEVER thought I'd be so happy to hear i have pneumonia!
I thank the Lord it was nothing more serious!