Monday, April 11, 2011

What a generous Dad

I jokingly said "WIN ME SOMETHING" to my father has he and a bunch of his self proclaimed "old timers" went up to the Ruffed grouse society dinner in Laona/Crandon this past weekend. I think he felt bad that he was enjoying this great time with all his buddies in an alcohol infused celebration, while the guy who owns the dogs, does all the scouting, and most of the walking was at home mending up and trying to get fluid out of lungs.
He got back on Sunday and said, 'you won something". To my surprise, it was an absolutely gorgeous bronze statue of two Brown Trout rising to a mayfly of some type. Its one of the prettiest pieces I certainly have seen. It looks absolutely fantastic on my desk at work.
I commented to my dad that it's perfect replication of my fishing. Theres ONE branch sticking out of the water on an otherwise perfect drift, and RIGHT before the trout is in mid rise, I'm about to give it a slight mend to try and keep it out of the branch.
An extremely nice gesture, as I found out after that it wasn't a raffle item, but rather a silent auction that he knew I would love.What a great Dad, I certainly feel blessed to have him as mine.

I certainly am starting to feel better, and thank all of you that have been so generous in contacting me with get well wishes, maybe, I'm "WISHFUL THINKING", but i have optimism a trout will be on the end of my line this weekend.


  1. Wow if he got you that I can't wait to see what he got me!

  2. Jackson,
    Is your rbl 20 still available? Peace, Michael