Monday, August 30, 2010

Rest in Peace Jon

Yesterday i got the word that nobody ever wants to hear. That a close hunting partner and friend was killed in an auto accident. John and I have hunted everything from Grouse to Geese together even attending Packer games from time to time.
I am as much in shock right now as I am saddened. That man would give you the shirt off his back, and do it smiling. We shared some great times together, and made some outstanding memories. He leaves behind a 3 year old daughter, a fantastic wife, and one helluva great Black Lab.
Rest in peace buddy, I will miss you so very much. Not one hunting season will ever go by without me thinking about the times we've had.
The "good" dying young , doesn't even start to explain the person you were. I HOPE THE WIND AND SUN ARE AT YOUR BACK,  the birds are on the deck, and you have plenty of that strong coffee you always loved. youre with God now, a great place to be, but were gonna miss you here

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The "Land of the Giants", Amongst Bears of many colors

Every guide has a story, about a place where fish a bigger than everywhere else, that's their "secret place." Josh Steinmetz is no different. He and his father named this place , and we didn't see another soul all day (no kidding). He blindfolds you when he brings you up here, and swears you to secrecy. I've known josh going on a decade and he always speaks so highly of this place. Early in my flyfishing career i couldn't handle this place, I broke off EVERYTHING I hooked; not the case anymore. We had such UNREAL fishing up here we decided to call it a day by 1 pm, keep in mind we started at about 9 am. This place isn't measured in hookups, or fish landed; it's measured in doubles. We happened to have 15 doubles this day, and the SMALLEST fish (NO exaggeration) was 18 inches. I know it sounds like a fish story, but the only way to see if I'm telling the truth is to book with Josh and see for yourself. Randy is pictured with a 23 incher here, and I lost one right at the boat that Josh said was at LEAST two feet, and I have never had a fight like that fish, into my backing three times. the SCARY part is Josh showed me some pics he had from the last 4 years including a 34 inch brown trout and a 31 inch rainbow. Its truly something you have to see to believe.
After fishing we went up to Josh's property he big game hunts on, seeing a cinnamon, black and chocolate colored black bear all within 100 years of each other, heard a elk bugle, heard a wolf howl, and have never felt so alive in my life. Montana will always bring me back, I just hope she stays exactly same way she is now. The last great place.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A COMEDY of errors

What a comedy of errors, i hooked and landed a great brown trout within the first 5 minutes of putting the boat this morning and Randy landed another 20 inch rainbow, but upon a picture taking opportunity,  i kicked in Josh favorite net in about 12 feet of water, needless to say we rowed back to the launch and I bought Josh a new net, we were giggling from the cluster of you know what that ensued. In a matter of two minutes i threw a brown trout at Randy (as it slipped) from my hands, kicked in a net, and Josh dropped his brand new goose call in the water in a matter of minutes. WE were all laughing so hard, we were afraid to continue on the day, but we did anyway. WE fished hopper patterns in the afternoon, with a little success, but the morning was much better. I have some nice pictures, but blogger seems to have a hard time putting them up today,
We had a great day again, saw about 100 Elk to start off the day, met a a bar tender who grew up in Wisconsin and charged us 20 dollars to drink all evening, and a Giant Saint Bernard who is smart enough to open its own treat container.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Oh What a beautiful morning!

Oh what a beautiful day!
What can I say? 20 inch rainbows, Sunny skies, light breezes. plenty of Trout Slayer and Fat tire ale. It simply doesn't get any better than this. We found one great pod of risers on PMD's right off the bat today, but we blew it on probably 5 GREAT very large fish, three break offs, and two simple misses. These fish on the MO are so ABSOLUTELY strong they are like nothing I've ever fought anywhere. Their basicly like steelhead. I got to see Randy get taken to his backing on his first ever Montana rainbow. A great steak dinner followed by homemade blueberry pie and tips from the local pros on techniques just makes the trip complete. Oh what a beautiful life!  I'll be back tomorrow for an update!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I FINALLY got that crazy HIGH GLOSS browning finish off the gun that performs for me on live birds year in and year out. This Browning superlight feather 16 ga is a thing of beaty. I have no idea why, but NOW it feels like it has the respect it deserves. I have always been a fan of deep oil finishes, and this was came through with flying colors. After seeing a sample of what the wood work gunsmith at Williams gun sight can do in southwest Michigan, I HAD to send this gun to se what he could "bring out. For 200 dollars I was shocked and amazed at what he did. I easily would have paid TWICE that much. I love the satin type finish he put on this gun, and it really adds a lot of character. I'm hoping she feels as good about her new looks at I do, and hopefully it helps her shoot even better at this seasons grouse. Life is GOOD with a stack barrel of 6 lbs in your hands! I leave SUNDAY for my Montana trout trip and will be giving nightly updates with pictures, so from Tunday to Thursday, TUNE IN, and feel free to comment!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Shaking the rust off

August 1st is a blessing and a curse for me. It means the end of my trout seeason (in Wisconsin at least) and the unofficial start to game bird season. After taking the summer off from smells of powder and a slight kick against the shoulder, it was a fantastic enlighinment to have both feelings rekindled. My father and I brought out to first tiers. One of which will be entering the Marine corp in 8 short weeks, and the other my 22 year old neighbor who has always wanted to shoot a shotgun. After a little coaching they both managed a 19 and a 23. Fantastic scores and both these kids have talent if they wish to pursue the sport of clayshooting. they both asked how soon we were going to go again, so I think I may have brought two new fine young men to our great sport.
I have a disclaimer that my father beat my score yesterday. Yes miracles can happen! haha

Monday, August 2, 2010

Pop, Pop, goes the Smallmouth

"Is there ANY better way to spend a sunday afternoon"?  That phrase must have been repeated at least 10 times during our drift on Sunday. All topwater, no rain, 80 degrees, and an absolute truckload of laughs was just what the doctor ordered. It was a crazy day from the start. While unloading Tim's boat, we met the Purdue university wrestling team (literally), and one of upland journals own (Gonehuntin) (what a pleasure), and saw water levels that were downright scary.
We decided from the onset that "topwater" was the only way to go this day as we finally had a day without Jim Cantore of the Weather Channel speaking about Wisconsins crazy weather. We produced on everything from Boogle bugs (proudly made in *&^%^$#$^)  to Chernobol ants.
The  "Americas funniest home videos" moment of the day belonged to yours truly. I set the hook on a 6 inch Smalllie so hard that it became "federal cartridge like" and whacked me in the beans and franks SO hard that I doubled over in pain on the bottom of the driftboat. It seriously would have won the grand prize of 10,000 dollars if it would have been filmed. A moment that if I wasn't in so much pain, I would have surely been laughing hysterically at my own plight.
What a great time seeing Randy nail a 19 incher, and hearing Tim proclaim me as the "Huck Finn' of his driftboat (the Laziest but most  adamant hook setter he's ever seen). It was a day I wont soon forget, and a day I thank God for his blessings, and the beauty he created.