Monday, August 9, 2010

Shaking the rust off

August 1st is a blessing and a curse for me. It means the end of my trout seeason (in Wisconsin at least) and the unofficial start to game bird season. After taking the summer off from smells of powder and a slight kick against the shoulder, it was a fantastic enlighinment to have both feelings rekindled. My father and I brought out to first tiers. One of which will be entering the Marine corp in 8 short weeks, and the other my 22 year old neighbor who has always wanted to shoot a shotgun. After a little coaching they both managed a 19 and a 23. Fantastic scores and both these kids have talent if they wish to pursue the sport of clayshooting. they both asked how soon we were going to go again, so I think I may have brought two new fine young men to our great sport.
I have a disclaimer that my father beat my score yesterday. Yes miracles can happen! haha


  1. Oh boy, leather gloves, hoppe's #9, Tru-oil, boot water-proofing treatment, straw for the kennels, new puppy, refinished Ithica NID, flannel, Gortex.... it's right around the corner. A new bird season is about to pop.