Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A COMEDY of errors

What a comedy of errors, i hooked and landed a great brown trout within the first 5 minutes of putting the boat this morning and Randy landed another 20 inch rainbow, but upon a picture taking opportunity,  i kicked in Josh favorite net in about 12 feet of water, needless to say we rowed back to the launch and I bought Josh a new net, we were giggling from the cluster of you know what that ensued. In a matter of two minutes i threw a brown trout at Randy (as it slipped) from my hands, kicked in a net, and Josh dropped his brand new goose call in the water in a matter of minutes. WE were all laughing so hard, we were afraid to continue on the day, but we did anyway. WE fished hopper patterns in the afternoon, with a little success, but the morning was much better. I have some nice pictures, but blogger seems to have a hard time putting them up today,
We had a great day again, saw about 100 Elk to start off the day, met a a bar tender who grew up in Wisconsin and charged us 20 dollars to drink all evening, and a Giant Saint Bernard who is smart enough to open its own treat container.