Thursday, August 26, 2010

The "Land of the Giants", Amongst Bears of many colors

Every guide has a story, about a place where fish a bigger than everywhere else, that's their "secret place." Josh Steinmetz is no different. He and his father named this place , and we didn't see another soul all day (no kidding). He blindfolds you when he brings you up here, and swears you to secrecy. I've known josh going on a decade and he always speaks so highly of this place. Early in my flyfishing career i couldn't handle this place, I broke off EVERYTHING I hooked; not the case anymore. We had such UNREAL fishing up here we decided to call it a day by 1 pm, keep in mind we started at about 9 am. This place isn't measured in hookups, or fish landed; it's measured in doubles. We happened to have 15 doubles this day, and the SMALLEST fish (NO exaggeration) was 18 inches. I know it sounds like a fish story, but the only way to see if I'm telling the truth is to book with Josh and see for yourself. Randy is pictured with a 23 incher here, and I lost one right at the boat that Josh said was at LEAST two feet, and I have never had a fight like that fish, into my backing three times. the SCARY part is Josh showed me some pics he had from the last 4 years including a 34 inch brown trout and a 31 inch rainbow. Its truly something you have to see to believe.
After fishing we went up to Josh's property he big game hunts on, seeing a cinnamon, black and chocolate colored black bear all within 100 years of each other, heard a elk bugle, heard a wolf howl, and have never felt so alive in my life. Montana will always bring me back, I just hope she stays exactly same way she is now. The last great place.


  1. Though I check your blog regularly, a local MT friend emailed me off of UJ about your recent post. We're pretty sure we know where this is and are gonna give it a go, based on your report (next week). Its nearlly impossible to access by land but were gonna hike and try (bear spray in hand).
    We'll also keep it a secret I promise. However, If we get killed and eatin our blood is on your hands.


  2. Go get em moe! good luck and bring LOTS of red copper johns!

  3. I thought you were the Giant!