Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I think we all want the best we can afford, I think that's natural. The problem is what i usually WANT and what I can afford are two different things. I'm happy to say that is no longer true in at least one realm of my hunting life.
RST which hails from Pennsylvania, has managed to put together an EXTREMELY low recoil, fantastic patterning, low pressure, and price competitive shell. Available in ALL gauges and configurations, even the 2 and a half inch shell it will meet any of your demands.
They even make a spreader load should you find yourself wanting a little less choke than you currently have.
I first used their 20 GA loads on grouse this season, and was very impressed with the lack of cripples i had throughout the season, long story short, if you do your job, the shell will do its. I am also very happy that they will let you mix and match different configuration in cases, which really comes in handy for me as I like to pursue different birds with a couple of different gauges.
Top all this off with undoubtedly the greatest customer service I have been associated with, makes them a total winner.
Give them a try , you wont be sorry  RST SHELLS

Monday, January 24, 2011


Amazing, what a playoff run. The FIRST 6 seed in NFC history to play three road games and end up getting to the Super Bowl.
From our fearless leader #12 who accepted all the unfair comparasins to our former doucebag qb with nothing but class, all while performing with the greatest of skill and leadership. AROD, were so glad you stayed!
To the grizzled 12 year veteran whose tears in this picture say it all. Thank you Green Bay Packers for living in our community, giving so much back. You ALL deserve this, now go bring Vince home!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

One who hunts, and can create

I've always thought that hunters of a particular quarry (whether that be fish or game) are always more "in tune" with the particulars that seem to translate still life into a believable replica. Wisconsin's own Bruce G. Long takes that into a new realm. Just having recently spoken with Bruce through the Upland journal bulletin boards, I had no idea of his profession , or talent. Residing in the small Northwestern WI town of Ladysmith, Wisconsin, he's been a lifelong Grouse junkie.
I've always looked at most grouse "pieces of art" with a roll of eyes. Most of them seem to look gaudy, lack proportion, and miss the essence that all hunters have in their recent memories.
From body posture, tail curvature, coloring, and gleam in the eye, BRUCE nailed it.  I can say confidently that this is the BEST piece I have seen. A steep price tag for this item, but i feel its completely warranted, I wish I could own it!
The other thing I like about Bruce's work is his originality.
This carving showing the grey, red, and bronze phase tail feathers is PROBABLY going to end up in my office ( if nobody buys it before me). This simple but complete rendition of the the "TRIFECTA" of all things grouse is classy and understated, and a true winner in my book.
He has many other pieces all available to look at at WWW.BRUCEGLONG.COM.  I highly recommend you check it out.

Friday, January 14, 2011

4 questions for HUGH LOMAS

I had the pleasure of spending a few hours with Elkhart Lake, Wisconsins own Hugh Lomas. I was getting a custom gun fitting, and asked him if he wouldn't mind a very quick question and answer session. For those of you who don’t know, Hugh was a Birmingham trained gun maker, and an absolute wealth of knowledge of all things firearms. He still maintains some of that English accent,and is just one heck of a great guy.

Q: What gauge is your favorite and why?

I have to go with the twelve gauge, a typical English approach. A decent twelve gauge, 2 and ¾ inch capability, is the most versatile gun around. I can still fire 7/8 ounce of shot, I can fire a 1 and 3/16 or 1 and 1/4 shell with the right powder. It gives me a broad spectrum of loads and typically it’s a gun I can carry all day at 6 and a half pounds and under.

Q: What are you feelings on choke, specifically referring to grouse?

If were talking strictly about grouse, I don’t think that your first barrel  can have to little choke. Grouse and woodcock go together and that first shot at cylinder will kill anything, but having said that if you wanted to take that same gun across the Mississippi river and hunt out west, improved cylinder/English improved cyl (5thou of choke) is the MOST effective choke and it increases your pattern from 40% of the load to 50% of the load which is a 25% increase in shot density in your main circle.

Q: What’s the biggest mistake modern shot gunners make?

 Shooting way to tight of choke, it’s an easy fix.

Q: Box lock or Side lock?

 A box lock is my preference, certainly lighter and more affordable. You’ve got a gun in price range you don’t have to worry about. Side locks have a certain aesthetic merit to them, but I do not believe that the mechanical advantages that are assigned to side locks are real. I’m real happy shooting a standard Anson and Deely. The “box lock” itself was a derogatory term invented by the press. In the English trade, the A&D was a Birmingham design, and me being a "Brummie" (Native of Birmingham), I’m very happy and proud of it.

Hugh, is always willing to answer questions and literally does everything from building custom guns, to machining new pieces for borken ones. Here  is his contact info for anyone interested



(920) 876-3745 (CST)


(920) 876-3529 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Found a GEM!

Thanks to the help of the keen eyed Larry Brown and a closer inspection from  Hugh Lomas, I got the deal of the century from Cabelas. I have been eying up English doubles for years. There was ALWAYS some issue with the selections I thought were just the ticket, so I got to be pretty picky.  It had to be the untouched barrels, no modifications, the rare 2 and 3/4 inch shell, 28 inch barrels, and the weight of what most 20 gauge guns carry. I found it in the name of Webley & Scott
With the closing of the Bass Pro Shops higher end internet gun room, I feel Cabelas maybe got a little scared. They are slashing prices and in my case, offering prices LOWER than what they bought the guns at as trade in's.
I have the special treat of having a real Birmingham, England trained gunsmith within an hour of my house. Mr. H.G. Lomas.
As I am a left handed shooter, he will hot oil bend the stock to the appropriate cast, and re-bend the triggers so they favor the articulation of my left trigger finger. My only question is should I leave the chokes as is (LIGHT MOD/FULL) and just shoot spreader loads through them? have it reamed to IC/MOD (and still shoot spreaders for grouse), or send the barrels to Briley and get thin wall choke tubes out in? I'd love to hear all your opinions.
I can't recommend Hugh highly enough, for any of your double gun smith needs give him a ring, he still retains his accent, and is amazing at what he does.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Open the floodgates!

Good Heavens,
What an event. My father in law and I decided to go to the desert to make one last ditch effort. well as you can see from the picture we had to make "alternate plans". I thought I experienced a "flash flood" in Wisconsin this summer when I had ankle deep water on my street. That was nothing. The Bakersfield delta and Kern River area had received like 5 inches of rain in the past 3 days, More than their average annual rainfall. The desert usual soaks up water with its porous rocks, sand, and cactus fast enough to never allow a puddle.
 I actually got to see a road wash away, what a sight.
Being as "hardcore' as I am (total tongue in cheek comment), my father had to convince me to come out this day. While no chukar ended up in the bag, i got to witness another side of mother nature that i didn't deem possible.
It has been a great trip, with new tales to tell, and a healthy appreciation for our mother earth.