Thursday, January 6, 2011

Found a GEM!

Thanks to the help of the keen eyed Larry Brown and a closer inspection from  Hugh Lomas, I got the deal of the century from Cabelas. I have been eying up English doubles for years. There was ALWAYS some issue with the selections I thought were just the ticket, so I got to be pretty picky.  It had to be the untouched barrels, no modifications, the rare 2 and 3/4 inch shell, 28 inch barrels, and the weight of what most 20 gauge guns carry. I found it in the name of Webley & Scott
With the closing of the Bass Pro Shops higher end internet gun room, I feel Cabelas maybe got a little scared. They are slashing prices and in my case, offering prices LOWER than what they bought the guns at as trade in's.
I have the special treat of having a real Birmingham, England trained gunsmith within an hour of my house. Mr. H.G. Lomas.
As I am a left handed shooter, he will hot oil bend the stock to the appropriate cast, and re-bend the triggers so they favor the articulation of my left trigger finger. My only question is should I leave the chokes as is (LIGHT MOD/FULL) and just shoot spreader loads through them? have it reamed to IC/MOD (and still shoot spreaders for grouse), or send the barrels to Briley and get thin wall choke tubes out in? I'd love to hear all your opinions.
I can't recommend Hugh highly enough, for any of your double gun smith needs give him a ring, he still retains his accent, and is amazing at what he does.


  1. JB - Do NOT put choke tubes in this gun. Being a left-hand shooter like you, I have stocks bent and turn the trigger spoons for left handed operation, and I have the guns re-choked to SK1 and SK2... good all-around choke combination with more separation than IC/Mod.

    Nice gun.

  2. I agree , no choke tubes. I'm leaning skt one and modified, but not sure I just shouldn't go ic/mod, andbshoot spreadr loads. As a wise man said, it's alot harder to make your chokes " tighter"

  3. Beautiful gun!


    (PS: this music's getting on my nerves)LOL