Wednesday, January 19, 2011

One who hunts, and can create

I've always thought that hunters of a particular quarry (whether that be fish or game) are always more "in tune" with the particulars that seem to translate still life into a believable replica. Wisconsin's own Bruce G. Long takes that into a new realm. Just having recently spoken with Bruce through the Upland journal bulletin boards, I had no idea of his profession , or talent. Residing in the small Northwestern WI town of Ladysmith, Wisconsin, he's been a lifelong Grouse junkie.
I've always looked at most grouse "pieces of art" with a roll of eyes. Most of them seem to look gaudy, lack proportion, and miss the essence that all hunters have in their recent memories.
From body posture, tail curvature, coloring, and gleam in the eye, BRUCE nailed it.  I can say confidently that this is the BEST piece I have seen. A steep price tag for this item, but i feel its completely warranted, I wish I could own it!
The other thing I like about Bruce's work is his originality.
This carving showing the grey, red, and bronze phase tail feathers is PROBABLY going to end up in my office ( if nobody buys it before me). This simple but complete rendition of the the "TRIFECTA" of all things grouse is classy and understated, and a true winner in my book.
He has many other pieces all available to look at at WWW.BRUCEGLONG.COM.  I highly recommend you check it out.


  1. Nice work. Maybe someone can shoot a grouse for you to have mounted!

  2. haha, bob
    not my fault that my birds are usually accepting the full payload, and therefore "unmountable"

    by the way, you can buy my christmas present of his site! he'll probably give you a discount