Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I think we all want the best we can afford, I think that's natural. The problem is what i usually WANT and what I can afford are two different things. I'm happy to say that is no longer true in at least one realm of my hunting life.
RST which hails from Pennsylvania, has managed to put together an EXTREMELY low recoil, fantastic patterning, low pressure, and price competitive shell. Available in ALL gauges and configurations, even the 2 and a half inch shell it will meet any of your demands.
They even make a spreader load should you find yourself wanting a little less choke than you currently have.
I first used their 20 GA loads on grouse this season, and was very impressed with the lack of cripples i had throughout the season, long story short, if you do your job, the shell will do its. I am also very happy that they will let you mix and match different configuration in cases, which really comes in handy for me as I like to pursue different birds with a couple of different gauges.
Top all this off with undoubtedly the greatest customer service I have been associated with, makes them a total winner.
Give them a try , you wont be sorry  RST SHELLS

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