Monday, April 18, 2011

The new "Grouse Wagon"

I've ALWAYS wanted a Jeep, from the age of 16. That dream finally came true this last week. After being ridiculously tough of a plethora of larger Suv's, Pickups, Tahoe's, etc etc, I've decided to give the logging roads and back trails a run for their money. I can still keep my other cars pretty and use this for what its really intended for.
Its a 1999 Sahara with that was garage kept in the panhandle of Florida with only 46,000 miles on it. It really does look mint, and the owner averaged about 3000 miles a year in cruising with the top off. I have a few alterations I'd like to make, maybe a bit bigger tires, a bar across the front. This of course would aid in pushing "downed trees" out of the road (as I put a huge dent in my Tahoe last year doing the same thing).
I don't like snowmobiles, motorcycles, or  powerboats, so I guess this is my midlife crisis buy. I'm OK with that. The funny about Jeeps, is their like LEGOS for adults, their easy to build and have fun with!


  1. Can you fit in that thing? I'd add a bull bar in the front...and a winch. I know guys that use trucks hard for backcountry stuff and they all agree that a winch is a must. Pulling trees out of the way or getting yourself unstuck, they can come in handy. Can you please put a gun rack in the side window?


  2. HAHA, yes i can fit in it. bull bar is a must.and if you EVER come hunting with me, i'll put a gun rack in it!