Sunday, April 3, 2011


PNEUMONIA? Are you kidding me? I'm entering the PRIME black caddis season is less than a week (if we ever lose this eternal Wisconsin Winter), and exactly 20 days till my Bahamas vacation/ bonefish excursion, and i spend 8 hours in our local Emergency room, being poked and prodded for everything from a bad gallbladder to heaven knows what.
The "BRIGHT SIDE", is that I'm not on an OR table having my gall bladder removed and for SURELY have to cancel the trip I've been local forward to for the last 6 months!
Some ridiculous strong antibiotics, and a little hacking, and I'll be right as rain! I NEVER thought I'd be so happy to hear i have pneumonia!
I thank the Lord it was nothing more serious!


  1. I just feel sorry for Kelly having to take care of you

  2. Hope you get felling better. Great blog!! You got a new follower

  3. thanks so much Dustin! welcome aboard, feel free to comment early and often, i AM feeling a bit better!