Monday, March 28, 2011

Finally found a "little duck boat"

I've been toying with purchasing a skiff/catamaran/kayak for some time.  After trying just about every one on the market at one time or another, i finally decided on the stealth, and found the deal of the century on one.  The stealth is a plastic catamaran style skiff with absolutely ridiculous stability, and capacity. It weighs in a 100 pounds, and yet retains a 550 pound weight capacity. My buddy Ryan, his brother, and I put one to the test in a california marsh a few years ago.
I figured at the time human weight in that boat was 730 pounds, combine that with a 80 pound lab, three shotguns and shells, and at least 2 dozen decoys, we had to be pushing the 900 mark. While we weren't going to "win any races", the boat retained its stability, and had a little bit of free board remaining.
I also can attach a little trolling motor to it, and I have the perfect little panfish/bass summer fly fishing boat. Couldn't be happier with my purchase.
NOW, i just need to find a little bunk trailer. any ideas? greatly appreciated. Im thinking a little jet ski bunk my work? The boat is twelve feet long, and not very wide.


  1. Jack, I have modified jet ski trailers to fit things like this in the past. We can get it done.

  2. well, do you have a line on one?

  3. Do a search on the computer for a used one. Fleet Farm usually has them reasonably priced too.

  4. check out harbor freight they have some small trailers