Tuesday, March 15, 2011


OOPS, she did it again.
What better than having a fire alarm go off in the middle of the night?
How about your little "dainty" (as she's been described) GSP of five years channeling her inner hound and whining at the top of her lungs in all out agony.
For the second time in the same amount of years Dottie has managed to find a possum in our fenced in back yard. The first of these affairs resulted in her basically clawing up our fence, and the two sworn enemies snapping at each other. Followed shortly by collective screams from my wife testifying "Dotties gonna die"!
I managed to get her inside sans minor or major injury, but this event left a scar on my wife psyche for all things possum.
This second event was met with a much SMALLER possum, One that I am certain Dottie the "killer" ( I say that tongue in cheek, Dottie is scared of bees), would have made short work of. I actually have the audio clip on my iPhone , as it was simply hilarious.
So i ask where does this hate from Possums come? she doesn't mind cats, squirrels, birds, anything but BOY no possum is safe in my yard!
right on cue , my wife answered "FROM ME YOU IDIOT", those things are repulsive!


  1. at least you got plenty of dubbing
    or some really nice zonkers


  2. haha, no way, the little lady replied,NO WAY youre "skinning" that thing, or whatever you want to do to it! HAHAH

  3. It should be an easy skin job. Maybe setup a skinning gambel there in Kelly's kitchen.

  4. yeah ryan, THATS gonna happen!

  5. At least Dottie is there to protect Kelly!

  6. I have a friend who bought a GSP from me. Best Fur Dog I have ever sold. One spring she pointed 4 possums on a spring hunt. That dog cold smell a possum a section away. Kind of odd seeing a pointer locked up on a possum playing possum.

  7. great FUR dogs! more labs for me!