Sunday, May 16, 2010


My wife and I were celebrating our ten year wedding anniversary on Michigan avenue this weekend amongst the Nordstroms, Bloomingdales, and Neiman Marcus's of the the concrete jungle. I was given a 2 hour pass while she got her hair trimmed at a salon in town, so I started my wandering. One mile and  three street entertainers later, I couldn't believe my eyes. I giant green awning that said FLY FISHING was just off Michigan avenue. I don't even think I waited till the walk sign was green, I practically sprinted to the "haven for men of Michigan ave" as the clerk described it to me.
I then realized the other side of the awning said Orvis, so I wasn't QUITE as excited, but none the less, better than looking at another high heel in a size 9. The store was filled with fedoras, shotgun belt buckles, and yes even a (river runs through it) DVD, I know, "shocking."
The fishing attendant was VERY nice, full of more info and knowledge than I expected, and he even showed me a new net called the phantom from Brodin, which after his demonstration , I bought. This was without question the BEST catch and release trout net I've ever laid hands on. It's light, invisible bag while wet, well built, and even made with attractive wood.
Morale of the story?
Always keep an open mind, good things happen when you least expect it. Treat your significant others well, they deserve it.  If you are EVER in Chicago you MUST try Grahm Elliot,  its simply the coolest upscale restaurant. HIGHLY recommended.


  1. And Charlie thinks that I have too many nets. I christened my Kinney on a 14 inch smallmouth... weird. Those damn things really must like me. Even when I'm fishing trout I seem to find them.


  2. hey man conGRATS! can NEVER have to much gear, its like to much beer, money, or time.