Monday, June 7, 2010

I'm BLIND, thanks midge

Now I know its been a few years since I tied with any "regularity", but this is ridiculous. I put on my first pair of "cheater glasses" today after struggling to put beads and tie on size 22 midges of  various styles and colors. I have always been a huge fan of the zebra midge ties in black and silver, but after a little bit of experimentation trying the BLOOD MIDGE this Spring, I am also a believer.
So back to grind of whipping out a few of these guys. I have to be pretty proud of myself, I only managed to have 5 small plastic beads shoot across the room  at Remington speed during this tying session, three lost hooks, and three "gorilla breaks" of 8/0 thread. For those of you that don't know, my fingers are the size of small Bratwursts, and combined with my "spunky" attitude, each break of thread  is called a a "gorilla break."
The good news is I've decided to tie NOTHING smaller than a size 22 for the remainder of my life on this planet, the bad news? I KNOW there is some Elk hair that needs to be stacked!

Good fishing!


  1. Ya man! I haven't tried to tie a midge yet, but when I do I may just have to trade my 1 1/2x walmart magnifier glasses in for some 3x walmart magnifier glasses.
    I don't know what I'd do without them while standing in a stream with water trying push me over while messing with flies and tippet.
    They have made a huge difference for me. Those and the wonderful Davey knot.
    Go Gorilla!

  2. good to know, I'm far from teh only one who needs them, EVEN at 35! hahaha

  3. My eyes really started let me down for close work at about 45--now in my 55th year, it can be downright frustrating.
    The x glasses are awesome!

  4. For tying little patterns AND for threading tippet past all the overglue and through those tiny eyes, I've been thinking about one of those flip-magnifier things that clips onto your hat. Or is that what you're calling "x" glasses?


  5. great suggestion Jeff, I might have to buy the bullet

  6. Same result as the flip down clip on type.
    I use the inexpensive throw-away reading glasses from Wally World.
    They have good solid plastic frames and hold up well, but are so cheap that if u lose them, its not a big deal.

  7. When I weasled (lied) my way in at the Trout Shop for two years of work on the Bighorn, I was shocked to see these little things actually caught fish..?!

    They soon asked me if I'd "ever fly fished before..?"

    I hadn't of course, but they were cool and kept me on (good guys down there; Steve and Hale). I learned to not only tie a few, but also fish with those little bastards;...even caught a few ..?

    ..Almost miss the REZ, but not those tiny flies..