Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Time to get organized

ONE WEEK AWAY! From our annual get away for three or four days down to the driftless area of Southwest Wisconsin. Maybe I'm jumping the gun, but i have a very busy remainder of the work week and an equally busy early next week. NO time like the now, plus it's just plain fun.
My brother in law and i have been doing this trip for about three years. We usually catch more laughs than fish, but we get to experience a relaxed time in an area that is far from how most people picture the state Wisconsin. This week will involve LOTS of false casting (to show how well we can cast, haha), lots of lost hook ups, and a patented "hulk out" moment from yours truly after snagging a dead fall immediately after tying up a new tandem nymph rig. Libations and a few burritos from the hippie owned burrito place have become a mainstay for at least two of the nights were temporary residents in coulee country.
A quick check of the weather shows a good chance for rain for the first two days of the trip, so as you can see, the San Juan Worm has made it's April appearance into the the fly box! Hey now, they need love too, it's made of beautiful red velvet!
I plan on giving daily updates each evening after fishing starting Wednesday, so check in, become a follower if you'd like, and please all comments and feedback are welcome!