Wednesday, April 14, 2010


83 degrees, yes, 83 degrees in SW Wisconsin on April 14th. My "perspiration bucket" of emotion along with my columbia fishing shirt were quite full. We managed a few fish by searching riseless water with caddis patterns , but were working a new area. While some improvements to this "semi private" stretch looked promising, in my unprofessional opinion it still has a ways to go vegetation wise and total fish numbers wise before I would call it a "sleeper".
The wind was absolutely brutal today, gusting to almost 30 mph, My choice of a 4 weight slow action today was probably a little light for my casting ability. I definitely felt a little under gunned. A "hulk out" was on the verge of occurring after a complete birds nest between two flies, an indicator, and an an AB split shot became 'one". In a new zenlike moment, my cooler head prevailed, I took a deep breath and realized just how lucky i was to be sitting on this bank.

This rock in the picture was just LOADED with mayfly nymphs and caddis larvae, although their a little tough to see. Its my hope all of these guys get ready to emerge and fly in the the next three days!. I plan on updating nightly. Thunderstorms and rain are expected tonight, hopefully they will occur, and dirty up this gin clear water a bit!

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