Sunday, April 11, 2010

STEEL and an "Athletic Move"

In this year of unusual things happening to me in the fishing world, I thought I might push my luck just a tad bit further on Sunday and attempt to tackle my "unicorn", the Steelhead, on the fly. I'd all but given up fishing for the "chrome", after experiencing so many frustrating outings over the past 10 years. I thought that I might as well give it one last shot, and boy am I glad I did. Thanks to aid of Nate and Todd, who actually know HOW to grab a steelhead without a net, for helping land my one time impossible dream. Nate described my fish handling ability of a steelhead as merely a "wrangling" of this silver lady.

(PICTURE NUMBER TWO) My comedic performance was SO hilarious from an outsiders point of view, that Nate simply keeled over in laughter after my THIRD attempt to hang onto the is fish. What can i say, excitement and being petrified of losing this fish made my grip a little more "rigid", than it should be, haha.

Not wanting to lose my snapshot with my first " Steely Dan", I pulled a new fishing maneuver known to very few as the "chest bump to shore", all while maintaining the balance and agility of a cow on ice skates, and managing to lose my thermometer, split shot package, and flybox in a single calculated "athletic" movement towards shore. It was a sight to behold, and finally the snapshot was taken. A fantastic new memory was made for sure, on many counts!


  1. Way to go big man! That first one will always be special. You made the cast, fought her admirably, but everything after that was pure hilarity. It's been a long time since my stomach has ached from laughter. Slow motion video footage of that would have been almost as priceless as 'Lil T breakin'. Nice work. Timberdoodle Goal Post all the way!

  2. TIMBERDOODLE GOAL POST! Its the GREATEST of all time,(by the way its GAME ON in that department) never to be topped, thanks for grabbing my fish in my ass clenching fear moment of losing my first steelie mid picture! it's funny how often "hilarity" and me are inlvolved in the same situation!