Thursday, April 15, 2010

OLIVE another

We still had the wind, still had the heat, but today we also had a TON of fish! It didn't matter if we were using nymphs, caddis, or OLIVES, we had success after success for the entire outing. Caddis larvae and Scuds definitely outperformed the the other imitations we threw earlier in the day, consisting of a red copper johns and various midge larvae. WE dead drifted riffles, extremely deep holes, runs, and had the same results from these different types of water. It was great to see this water recover a little bit as it was one of the many that were heavily damaged during the great floods of this area 3 short years ago.
After refueling our bodies with the all time classic lunch of PB&j and a granola bar, it was off to an afternoon of dry fly exploration. We had seen good numbers of black caddis coming off. We both put our favorite black caddis imitation on and started to search the windswept water. Even with a good amount of natural bugs on the water, the trout seemed to be ignoring them? It was a little mind boggling.
Kim then said I'M "THROWING ON AN OLIVE", even though we hadn't seen any come off all day long. What happened next was an enigma of the best kind. Fish after fish eagerly inhaled our little parachutes, some even topping the 17 inch mark. All in all it was a fantastic day, spent with a grouse hunting buddy who happens to be one of the best "tactical nymphers" I've ever seen.

To top it off I got a nice wave from an Amish family in their horse and buggy on the way home back to basecamp. It was a good, good day!

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