Saturday, April 3, 2010

THE End Is Near!

FISH ON TOP? For Me? Yes it's true.
2012. The Mayan calendar. End Times. Snowing in the desert.
We should all gather our loved ones and families and take note that the first sign of the impending Apocalypse has occurred.
Black Caddis Black Caddis Black Caddis
In all serious, for about three hours today, I experienced some of the best dry fly fishing I've ever been associated with in the "driftless" area of Southwest Wisconsin. The day started out slower, but still managing a few fish here and there out of the deeper edges of runs, by way of a olive tungsten scud and a zebra midge.
It was a cooler start temperature wise than Nate and I had imagined , a chilly (and windy) 41 degrees as the sun rose over the hills. The cackle of a rooster pheasant, the gobble from tom turkey, and the girlish scream from me as the first brown trout took my dry fly all echoed throughout the coulees. Life is good, Jesus has risen, and Happy Easter.


  1. yes buddy, straight up 'hammertime", Paite style. hows the nick in nick?

  2. ten on top ALL OLIVES!!!!!

  3. NO caddsi at all, ALL olives, and I did it in 4.3 minutes too! HAHA