Monday, September 12, 2011

Some training progress

 So this weekend we got sit mastered, we've got come (here) mastered, and we haven't had to even teach him stay. Were trying to keep all that calmness in retrieving to make him completely steady to wing and shot, (which I have no doubt he will be). We've only let him retrieve 1 out of every four throws we make. id love to videotape a whole sequence, but just decided to record the fun part.
Picking up and hanging onto larger dummies has been a little bit of an issue, so i decided to switch to a light bumper instead of a Dokken style dummy.
I cant thank my wife enough, as she has been just awesome and completely integral in our training process. As you can see Duke is growing, but still maintaining everything we loved about him to begin with.
I think he has a chance to be a special one, certainly in his will to obey, love of water, and ability to mark dummies thrown far away. So far I'm very impressed that even i can raise a British dog. Any tips and tricks, I'd been very open to hearing all your ideas, thanks for checking in!

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