Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Earning her spot on the wall

She earned it, after only 6 years
Dottie that is.
My wife and I have only had one other dog that we felt was professional portrait wall of fame worthy. We loved all our dogs, but only two have been extra special so far. Dottie earned her spot this year. We have a fantastic photographer in Charles Lieneger who did Kwik's shot, and now Dottie's.
I never had any idea how hard it would be to keep a pointing dog still enough in the right amount of light, right position, ALL while being outdoors where a hunting dog is trying to do what it was breed for, HUNT!
Anyway, I couldn't be happier as this shot here, it's merely a cell phone shot of the actual proof. Its SO much more vibrant in person. Shes always impressed with her countless Grouse and woodcock points, her steadiness, calm demeanor, and her sweet, soft, nature that most GSP owners can't believe, she will ALWAYS have a place in our hearts and on our wall.
Congrats Dottie Girl!


  1. She's a a cutie for sure. I hate to say this, but when I'm after quality bird hunting dog photos, I head straight for the release bird farm. I hate having to resort to this, but if you need to shape a shot or you lose a point, you can always go back to the pen and grab another bird. Then again, the other plan is to carry of full sized DSLR on your hunts and just keep the shutter going. That's what I normally end up doing. Probably the best photography I've taken of dogs is when I don't take a gun.

  2. Thanks Gary, I even thought to bring a pigeon, but those photographers have ideas in their mind of how they want things, and their ussyally right! That's Why they are the pro's!