Sunday, August 28, 2011

Basic obedience

WE started our "basic training" this week with Duke, and I have to say, its been pretty easy (don't want to jinx myself). in true British fashion the first 9 months of his life will be NOTHING but obedience, no live birds, no gunshots, etc etc.
they place stability and calm assertiveness as their top values in a gun dog, and so do I. I'm sure Ill have a lot of hiccups along the way, but he sure is off to an AMAZING start. Its sure hard not to start treating him like an adult or adolescent dog, as hes has progressed so quickly, but I know his brain can only comprehend so much before the next butterfly, wasp, or rock that needs to be picked up crosses his path.
He's starting to get very attached and "needy" to Kelly and I, that is good to see as just a week ago he was a bit head in the clouds.
he has an overall large will to please, and seems to have above average dog intelligence, so i hope i don't mess him up!


  1. That is a great looking pup. He's gonna be fun. I think you'll find the way you're training him will work well. Having a steady, well mannered dog is important to me, so since Ginger came home, she was never allowed to break for any retrieve. Even playing in the house, she was restrained, then released. She learned those were the rules, and at 5 months is steady. It's paid off so far. Last weekend we trained with a friends 3 yr old "steady" Lab. Ginger honored every retrieve, even hers, like a champ. Zero issues. We're now working on steady to flush. Like everything I've been doing, it's just a fun game, and she's figuring it out. Have fun. I'm looking forward to seeing more vids.

  2. Thanks for the compliments, I think l
    Be a great dog, if I don't mess him up