Monday, March 29, 2010

ODE to last season

This was a collage from last seasons more memorable moments. It's Hard to see the old get "tired", fun to see the young get "it", and joyful to look back and enjoy for a second time, all the days we've blessed with. This past season didn't go exactly as "planned." My father fell Ill for the majority of camp, making me realize how special those days afield truly are. We made some amazing mental pictures, that I hope and pray will stay with me for life. Dottie has become a better pointer than I ever thought I would own. Kwik was well, "himself" (haha). His mind , his will and his heart, pushing MUCH harder than his 11 year old body would let him. I feel so priveleged to have had the "Hoover" find so many birds I thought I never hit, and that warm muzzle and heart of gold, to make me believe that I'm half the man he thinks I am. Thanks Buddy, heres to next season may it be a great one for you to "retire" on.

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