Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Desert, Sweet Desert

Few things upland wise can compare to explosion of grouse wings and the sweet smells of decaying leaves in Oct in Wisconsin, but 60 degree temps with warm sunshine on your back and the explosion of 100 pairs of wings is AWFUL close!

Every holiday season i get the opportunity to visit my in laws, catch up on vitamin D, and witness the largest coveying bird in North America. I often refer to things as "Desert Beautiful", and no one understands what I'm trying to convey. i hope that with these pics you might be able to understand what i feel when I'm there. There is truly no place like it, and I cant wait to go back.

There really isn't a more detailed bird than a valley quail. It has blues, tans, whites, oranges, hints of dark purple, all of which find a way to blend into the most majestic of top hats. Even after harvest, the pride of the quail remains erect, i almost think they know how pretty they really are.

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