Saturday, February 25, 2012

Been to long!

Since I've updated this blog! I apologize for that. I will update you on a hunt in the Mojave desert I got to experience with some good friends this past January!
We call this place, "the flat spot", because as crazy as it sounds to a flatlander, this is one of the flattest spots we chase quail in this area. I personally find this spot beautiful. While most would look at this place as a barren, dry, good place to hide a body, I find it rather lush , always willing to give up a few quail if we walk long and hard enough.

It didn't take to long for us to find our first small group of birds, and as expected, they jumped the road and found the absolute steepest place in the area. chasing quail uphill is not only "fun", its a good barometer of your heart health, today I passed with flying colors. Scotty is seen here, just catching his breath after the mini sprint uphill. its amazing what these little birds can actually hold in, and I wish I would have had Dottie out here, it would have made for some great pointing opportunities, its been a while since I've seen them hold this tight. We had less than stellar shooting a a group, but I did manage to kill four birds with my first four shots.

God repaid me the next day for for pride by striking me down with the absolute worst flu bug I've ever had. losing 7 lbs in 2 days and not even making it home because I was too sick to board a plane. All in all it was still great, and something I hope I'm able to do into my later years, I truly enjoy it. Something I found kind of interesting, I've been hunting this same general region for over a decade, without as much as seeing a tick. this trip, we had three? Those little buggers just might be the toughest insect on earth, it seems they can spread and live just about anywhere. Spring creeks start next weekend! My posts will be much more frequent, as the spring early season is upon us!

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