Thursday, May 19, 2011


I finally got my mounts back from the superb artist that is DARIUS out of southern California. He's a true "birdman" and a hunter himself, and he seems to capture the mood I'm always looking for! I've been waiting a while for these but it's well worth the wait!
After all the pain, soreness, and sacrifice it took me to get these guys, they will be protected like Fort Knox. I think a man only has a certain window to chase wild chukar in his life, and with my joint situation, I'm afraid my window is already starting to close. Special thanks to my father in Law Jerry, who said that mountain looks good, lets climb it!
i strongly recommend Darius for your bird work, he's won many national awards, is price competitive, and just simply does great work.


  1. Beautifully done. I've never had an opportunity to chase chukar, but I have shot them at the birddog club. Very tasty, too.

  2. absolutely tasty, but as far as tough to get, simply have never hunted a tougher bird.

  3. Beautiful mount! Very realistic. I'd have to place that display up pretty high on a shelf; else my girls would hunt them again if I ever left the room (and maybe retrieve to-hand).


  4. He definitely has some nice work on birds. The scenes he puts them in are great.

    So out of curiosity you had him do them, then ship them to you? If so no worries on getting them in one piece and undamaged by doing it this way?