Sunday, July 10, 2011


Well, its finally here!
After living the the 2nd most liberal state with gun laws of the last 14 years , I'm PROUD to say, we finally have our constitutional right thanks to out assembly, congress, and Scott Walker! I have already taken two of the requirements to be able be a law abiding citizen to have a CC gun, and I have two choices! A S7W 38 featherweight revolver, and a soon to be purchased S@W 40 sub compact automatic, built on a awesome frame, 1911. ,What a great country we live in. happy to say, if you mark your business as NO CC, i will NOT be purchasing a  thing!


  1. Jack,
    I'be been a bit busy and haven't had a chance to read up on the new CC Bill yet. What are the requirements in order to obtain a permit to carry. Any word on the cost of the permit? How long is permit valid?

  2. PM,
    The requirements to obtain a CC permit are either an NRA basic pistol safety course, or a hunters safety permit. The application isn't available yet, but will start to be legal in November of this year. I haven't heard anything as to how long the permit will be for, but some states are a yearly basis.

  3. Good deal buddy!!!! I really advise you to look at the "stopping power" of a .45 vs the .40. I have looked long and hard for something more reliable and at least prettier than my Glock 30 (double stack .45) and haven't been able to do it. Glad you guys got CCW and hope you extend reciprocity over to Idahoans when I come to visit!

  4. I don't disagree with you on the .45, but I still want to be able to be accurate and a " bit " stealthy, I just shoot the .40 better, if you have a cc from another state, you should be hood!