Friday, December 17, 2010

"SERIOUS" Grouse hunting, review

When I read the title, I thought, "yeah", ""whatever", THIS is going to be a fun book"! Insert sarcastic emoticon here. "Serious", is about the last word I would use to associate the way my hunting partners and I feel about our Autumn passion.
I decided to keep an open mind and was pleasantly surprised with this book that took a more 21st century approach to hunting the many times fabled Bonasa Umbellous. It seems these two young men do the vast majority of hunting without dogs, which really gives a new spin on things. I have only hunted grouse without a dog a few times late in the season, but it does have some valuable tips that I myself didn't know.
I wasn't thrilled about them using google earth (my best little dirty secret) on finding new cuts and ideal habitat. Although it's not news to those who are computer savvy, this book makes it elementary, so that even computer illiterate folks can understand the process.
My favorite focus of the book talked about NON aspen type cover, and how well they do in it. I definitely needed this part of the book. I think we have been programmed in our part of the country to think that aspen is IT, for cover. While it will always be a mainstay and VERY important part of the grouse diet, there are certainly many other viable options that can hold birds.
This will make a very nice stocking stuffer, and is extremely well written.
It's hard to get a a failing grade from me when anything is written about Ole Ruff, but this book truly gets a passing grade. Its available on all the usual Amazon type sites.


  1. I'll have to put this one in the homework file. I look forward to the day when I can make it out East for ruffed grouse hunt. This sounds like a useful tool for someone needing to do homework ahead of time. Thanks!

  2. Thanks gary and lauren, i think youll enjoy it

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