Sunday, September 5, 2010

Doves, smiles, and one proud dad.

Its a treat when you get to experience a young hunters first bird. I was part of that rare occurrence today when my good friend and hunting partner Randy and his two boys along with my own father decided this morning was going to be a father/son dove hunt.
Wyatt is participating in the "mentor" program in Wisconsin, which requires a full time guardian remain gunless to watch and observe children under 12 in their first hunt. I had lukewarm feelings regarding this new program as I thought in was just to young to allow a loaded firearm in the hands of a child.  I now believe that their are some people that can do just fine with this program, Wyatt being one of them.
He was extremely careful regarding his own safety, and the safety of others during this exciting time in a young mans life. The exciting part was watching his eyes after seeing the first bird he shot at go down in a puff of feathers. He is an extremely cerebral, even keeled, and regimented child (just like his father), but even I could see the smile inside of this proud young man. It was a just a treat to see his confidence erupt on more birds, and to see him start to swing the gun naturally with each passing shot.
His loyal partner in crime and younger brother Ben got into the action holding up our BIG PRIZE pigeon in which they made no bones about turning into some BBQ wings on the grill.
It was a special day with my father also, seeing him on HIS first dove hunt, and him enjoying "live sporting clays", as he calls this new endeavour. So many smiles, burnt powder, great retrieves, and memories made. Man, life is good.


  1. Awesome day. That has to be a lot of fun, Randy. Glad you guys got that program back there.

  2. Good to see your children learn to enjoy the sport. (or anothers) The left out stage of the stages of a hunter, passing on the trade.
    Congrats Wyatt!!!

  3. Thank you everyone. I'm extremely lucky to have two sons that enjoy the outdoors and a friend like Jack to share the moment with. Wyatt is pumped.

  4. Very nice!!!! Anytime Wyatt wants to take me dove hunting I'm in. U Mike