Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Its been WAY to long since my last update on here, but after the MONSOON of July, trout fishing has been blown out on almost every weekend, grouse broods have been hiding under anything they can find to stay dry, and my golf game is still crappy. SO, its time to do my SECOND favorite thing when it comes to grouse, ASPEN SEARCH 2010.
I become a google earth aficionado this time of year. When its 95 degrees with a a dew point in the 60's, the only place to be is in an air conditioned suv, following up on what my head tells me are suitable grouse covers. I'm happy to say over the past three years, my diligence in computer work and mapping has really paid off. I now feel I have almost every aspen cover on any form of public property in the areas that i hunt . It's really led to a much more relaxed experience, as now I ALWAYS have somewhere else to go if someone is already there. I went to a new cover only about an hour from my house I last night in hopes of connecting the dots between one of my google earth photos. Its didn't disappoint. It's a small cover, but found one nice young mother and 6 of her offspring. the itch is coming, only two months to go! Aspen, and grouse always raise my blood pressure, no matter what season it is.


  1. Jack,

    We've been seeing multiple broods around my home grounds, even after almost 8" of rain in June and a wet start to July. Concentrate on premium cover and you'll do well!


  2. gerard,
    im a bit concerned at this point, i was REALLy hoping for a great brood conditions, but I feel as if this was as bad or worse than last year, the'll always be birds, but I'm expecting a few less than last year now, you?

  3. Nice blog you have here. Looking forward to seeing some pics of travels through WI coverts!

  4. David, thanks so much for the kind words, I truly enjoy this blog. Its been REALLy slow because of all the rain has blown everything out, but it will soon be updated much more often. please feel free to sign up as a follower if you enjoy it

  5. Where/How can I learn to use GoogleEarth to pick out aspen stands and other hunting spots. Is there a writen source of info or do I need someone to show me how?


  6. jim,
    its kind of a process you have to learn yourself on what to recognize, and spend alot of time doing it, its helped me immensley