Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm On BOAT ( with t pain)

We rarely get times to correct our mistakes.
The biggest "hunting mistake", I ever made in my life was selling my SEA CLASS 18 FOOTER FOR HUNTING DIVING DUCKS ON THE BAY OF GREEN BAY AND LAKE MICHIGAN!
I sold my boat for a 21 of a MUCH lesser quality in 2004, I still say , the biggest outdoor mistake I ever made, BUT I got to correct it as I told a biddy, just 5 short years ago, if you EVER want to sell, call me first, and he did. Watch out lake michigan, All old squaws, scooters, bills, redheads, goldeneyes, buffleheads, and cans, Im BACK on the prowl. With a new British lab on the way (pick up in two weeks), my father getting older), and a premium placed on quality time with my (WAY OUT OF MY LEAGUE) wife, its time to get back to the day of zebra mussels,  early wake up calls, and dreams of nor easter's with a small chops. We all go through phases in our life, and while it's impossible to be a ACE at everything, i'd like to think I'm a "jack of all trades"


  1. oh my, let us pray that the hulk does not returneth, ha ha

  2. Any time you wanna come down and hunt bago give me a call. I still owe you hunt over your old silos.